Gormazing unicorns

We, Jessy Moravec and Tizia Florence, met each other back in 2009 in Zurich as Acting Students. Meanwhile we live and work together in Berlin as writers, directors, producers, editors and actresses.

While Jessy still works as an actress, Tizia decided to switch the sides of the camera completely, apart from own projects. Nevertheless, we still have the same backround as it comes to our work as acting coaches.

We believe in a working environment that is based on respect, kindness, openness, hard work and lots of dark humour. Yet, our work will never be the centre of our lives.

Olivia Lina Gasche - Production Manager


The newest addition to the "unicorns" is Olivia, a working actress, based in Berlin.

She studied Drama in Zurich and started working on her own Projects over the years.

This year she produced her first Short Movie ("Morgan"), in which she is also starring as the leading character.

Olivia and the Unicorns worked with each other before as actresses and screen writers.

Right now they are working on the new short "How to win Cannes in 5 easy steps".